API to get transaction details.

API to get transaction details.

To get the status of your transaction, you can call the below API. This API call is optional, its only needed to get the status of your transaction.

Request Parameter

Request URL: https://octapay.global/api/get/transaction

Request type: POST

Name Required (*) Data Type Description
api_key Yes String API key from Octapay account
order_id Optional String Value you returned from Transaction API.
customer_order_id Optional String Merchant side unique transaction Ref.

Note: order_id or customer_order_id Atleast one parameter from the above is required.You can pass both if needed.


After successful CURL request example :

If there will be no validation errors in request, response will be like:

    "status": "success",
    "transaction": {
        "order_id": "2019159410836467",
        "customer_order_id": "ORDER - 738643",
        "transaction_status": "declined",
        "reason": "The card type not currently supported.",
        "card_no": "XXXXXXXXXXXX5649",
        "ccExpiryMonth": "05",
        "ccExpiryYear": "2020",
        "currency": "EUR",
        "amount": "5.00",
        "transaction_date": "2020-05-01 15:16:16",
        "test": false

Description Of Success Json Parameter

status: success means transaction found in our system.

customer_order_id: This is string sent in transaction API.

transaction_status "declined" / "success"

test: true : transaction was created in test mode / false : transaction was created in live mode"

If transaction not found in record.

    "status": "fail",
    "message": "Transaction not found."
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